Sustainable Practices

Pousada Estrela D’Água is located in Trancoso, on the southern coast of Bahia, assimilated in a sensitive ecosystem which enchants visitors for its lush Atlantic Forest that remains preserved. This region where Portuguese colonists arrived over five centuries ago is currently protected by national parks: Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal, Parque Nacional do Pau-Brasil and Parque Nacional do Descobrimento. Estrela D’Água is adamant in its preservation of this natural heritage, adopting responsible environmental and social policies and following the Code of Environmental Conduct of the Associação dos Roteiros de Charme, sanctioned by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Of the adopted practices, a few highlights:

  • Analysis of the environmental and social impact of projects and constructions so that the fauna, flora and local culture remains preserved
  • Prevention of electricity waste
  • Use of keys which cut electricity
  • Use of solar and gas heaters
  • Prevention of water waste
  • Optimized exchange of towels, with frequency determined by guests