Trancoso and its surroundings are truly paradisiacal.

The soul of Trancoso is the famous Market Square “Quadrado”, with its little colourful houses and the small Church of, St. John the Baptist, founded in 1656, listed by Unesco as a world Heritage. From up there you can see the paradisiacal seashores, bordered by streams and coconut palms to lose sight of.

Lush beaches and lots of charm

Trancoso is a quiet, charming, preserved village. The village centre is the main market Square “Quadrado”, framed by its colourful houses and the beautiful little white Church of Saint John the Baptist. All this takes you into a small town environment with a lot of charm, where you can walk around craft shops and famous designer boutiques or go to bars and restaurants. The village is surrounded by, lush beaches, cliffs, nature, clear waters lagoons and a slow lifestyle atmosphere, ideal for those who enjoy resting.

Bike rides along the Southern Bahia Coastal Forest.

The experience in Trancoso is getting better and better for those who enjoy sports and wellness. The company Brazil Biking created the “Riding Bike Tours Specialized". Thinking about offering the opportunity to know the Coast where the discovery of Brazil took place, biking through the seashores and trails. The tour starting point and arrival are both at the Estrela D'Água Inn, so you can’t miss it. It’s a chance to live the experience of watching closer the local nature beauties.

Experience by the Coast of the Discovery

The Coast of the Discovery along the Southern Bahia, are full of paradisiacal beaches. Imagine the possibility of sailing through the clear waters of the Atlantic to catch a glimpse of each hidden sites of local nature.

The boats available for those special moments are the best option for those who enjoy sun and sea.

Magical Beaches

No one who chooses the Southern Bahia as a destination should miss a tour to Caraíva, Espelho beach and Corumbau. In Brazil these beaches stand out for the beauty of their waters and a unique exciting atmosphere, the magic of local culture and its gastronomy are really attractive as well. You can’t miss it!

Extreme Zone

For those who like more extreme experiences, Quadricycles for rent is the best choice to explore deeper the region.

Brazilian History, Art & Culture

Every trip goes far beyond fun. It involves knowing a bit about the local culture.

Porto Seguro and Arraial D’ajuda are very important historical sites to live the experience of learning a bit more about the history of Bahia and the discovery of Brazil

It is a great Chance to appreciate the, local way of life, its art, architecture and natural beauties.

A Romantic Gateway

Bahia is Love, Romance, Life… It’s “Axé!” (Which means Happiness ‘n Gratitude; A hearty hail from Bahia) A romantic spot for couples looking forward to unforgettable moments.

Pousada Estrela D'Água

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